This store/chain exploits the friends and families of little girls. They have horrible customer service and bank on people just giving up. Here's my story in bullet list form:

Niece wants Justice item for Xmas. I go online with my wife and pick something cool on December 14th. Get email conformation of sale, expected delivery december23rd. Sometime around the 20th I go to check the tracking number. I notice in email from justice, that there is no tracking number. I call the 800 number but give up after being on hold for 30min. Next day I try calling again just to get an update, again I give upafter 30 minutes. 22nd, getting a little nervous I have info about the item. I call again, this time after about 15 minutes the Justice message says they have opened up new phone lines to deal with customer service. I reluctantly get off after being on hold- don't trust them - but hoping this would help. Call the number and get a busy signal. Try a bunch more times, nothing but busy. 23rd goes by. Nothing arrives. Morning of 24th I wake up early and call them from bed. After about 40 minutes I get through.I proceed to ask when my item will arrive. She looks up item and says "oh that's not arriving, the order was canceled we are out of that item."What???When were you going to tell me? Oh we don't often send out those messages by email.

So on Xmas eve this joke of a company left us high and dry. Thanks.

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