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Tried ordering 8 items online during their 40 percent sale. When processing my order on 8/6/13 it kept telling me my credit card was declined..

Which was not true! They charged my credit card 5 times!! In 4 minutes for the purchase they kept telling me wasn't approved. Immediately called their 800 line, what a joke the girl was less then helpful and said nothing she could do!!

I immediately called my bank and while on the phone with Chase another transaction came through. I had to close my credit card, what a hassle.

Seems like a huge problem to me on their customer service side. Maybe if it was her credit card that was just charged 1000 she woud care!!

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Waterford Township, Michigan, United States #758876

There 800 customer service line is a joke. I thought my experience was terrible...and my attempt to seek a resolution only to be told there was nothing they could do was an isolated incident, but I suppose it's not after reading your circumstance.

Labelle, Florida, United States #699451

I understand what you are saying in regards to the credit card hold. But this situation is different the web-site tells you that your card COULD NOT be processed in red.

And then you think you entered your number wrong and try again BECAUSE you know your credit card is good and it dings your account again. And when you phone them they tell you that you DO NOT have an order in their system.

I really like their clothes, so today I thought I would call them and place the order on the phone..

okay so tell the gal on "AND" confirmed that they are having an on-line issue. Again, she was helpful but the order took about 50 minutes of my time...


What you are seeing is an authorization hold..every time you hit submit, a hold it placed. That is something your credit card company is holding not Justice. This happens with any company you purchase from online.

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