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My sisters & I took our children shopping at the JUSTICE & BROTHERS store in Bowling Green KY(greenwood mall).We drove from Monticello Ky which is 1hr 52 minutes away just to come to this particular store.

When getting there my sister asked a question towards the range of sizes & the sales representative answered then turn to the other clerks rolled her eyes & began whispering. Had she paid attention that we all came in together she would not have let us see her do or so I thought, the rest of the visit showed me they had no problem with their actions. The entire time we were in this store they all but one stared & whispered. I've never been In a store & been treated such a way Before, at least Not by every employee except for one.

At The checkout I Asked a question about how it was rung up & she got her calculator out began showing me like I was a complete ***. As I left the store my sisters who were outside looking in let me know by facial expressions to turn around yet again there they all were discussing us & staring. It took everything in me as well as my sisters to go ahead & leave. So to show our children a good example we continued on our day.

Our children even picked up on them and started asking why are they looking at us, THAT'S SAD & shows just how bad it was! I Was extremely not happy with this visit to the store at all, my other visits have always been great. I was excited to take my sisters there for this was their first time in a Justice Store. Needless to say my sisters have no desire to ever go again just based on these employees & their rudeness.

I've always let things like this go, it could be this person wad just having a bad day.....well not in this case there are no excuses & we were greatly offended!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Very rude employees.

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